Active mind = satisfied spirit

In Getting Out of B.E.D., I describe many of the different tools I used in my recovery from Binge-Eating Disorder. Recently, when I experienced a resurgence of self-loathing, I opened up my “toolbox” in an effort to not re-engage with the all-too-familiar, destructive behavior patterns of the binge cycle. I discovered that writing–specifically, journaling about my thoughts and feelings–was a tool I hadn’t picked up in some time. So, here I am! Several private journal entries and two public blog posts later.

What I’m discovering is that the reason writing is such a great tool is that it keeps my mind active. I don’t have the chance to ruminate on what I ate or what I look like. I don’t have time to trash-talk my body. My mind is engaged in doing something positive for myself and others. My spirit of creativity is satisfied through the process of writing. So for me, an active mind equals a satisfied spirit. 

What satisfies your spirit? Think about it. See if you can make a list of five healthful, life-affirming activities that produce a feeling of satisfaction and calm. Consider today whether you are providing your spirit with as much nourishment as you provide your body. If things are out of balance, see what you can do to put things back in alignment.

Peace, joy, and health!



2 thoughts on “Active mind = satisfied spirit

  1. Anna says:

    I’m just starting to read through your archives and love your blog so far. This is a wonderful post that really makes me think… but I can only think of two things that I have (writing and painting). I write all the time, but I forgot that I had painting until last weekend (it had been about a year). Do you have any other suggestions?

    • getoutofbedonedayatatime says:

      Hi, Anna.
      Thanks for commenting on this post and for reading the blog. I have lots of suggestions, just based on things I do to keep my mind active…reading magazines and journal articles based on my profession (counseling); playing Scrabble or Words with Friends (can be infuriating, but also fun); doing counted cross-stitch (keeps my mind busy ’cause I have to actually pay attention to what I’m doing)…hmmm…I’m blanking on the other ones. I’m glad you’ve rediscovered painting!

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