Pillow talk

In Getting Out of B.E.D., I have a chapter called “Pillow Talk”. I thought it would be appropriate today to reflect on the ideas in that chapter because I’ve been having something of a resurgence of negative self-talk in the last few months. In that chapter, I mention the phenomenon of “hearing voices”…not real auditory hallucination voices, but an inner monologue. This inner monologue, for many of us, is negative and, if left unchecked, can be very damaging to our self-worth.

Yesterday I talked about the fact that when my mind is active, my spirit feels satisfied. But what about those times when nothing I do keeps my mind active “enough” to drown out the inner monologue? What about those times when the negative self-talk is stuck on “play” and “repeat” such that all I hear are self-depreciating messages all day long?

When that happens, there are two things I know to do (and of which I’m reminding myself right now!): 1) I can choose to take some time to “talk back” to my negative voice–if the voice says, “Megan your stomach is looking flabby today”, I need to say, “The shape of my stomach has no relation to my self-worth.” 2) I can choose to sit quietly with that inner monologue and try to truly hear what it’s telling me. Perhaps there’s a pattern to the negativity. Those who practice “mindfulness” recommend this kind of non-judgmental awareness of our thoughts.

So, what’s been playing on repeat in your inner monologue? Once you’re aware of it, what will you choose to do about it? (By the way, choosing not to do anything about it is also your choice!)

Peace, joy, and health!



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