So, by the title of tonight’s blog entry, you can probably guess I’ve been dealing with a lot of changes lately, either currently or impending. Coming up are the completion of my master’s degree, a new job (hopefully!), and many goodbyes to co-workers I’ve known for ten years. Currently, there are changes in my routine at internship, changes in the location of my office building, and changes in my metabolism. This last one has been trying to wreak havoc on my body image. I’m working hard to counter each and every negative thought that comes into my head, but it gets a little tiring as many of you know. The fact is, that after a certain age, our bodies start to slow down.

Okay, okay. So I’m only in my early thirties…still, the slow down in my metabolism is noticeable. I’m finding I have to work harder at the gym and eat less each day to maintain my current weight. But today I wondered, “Should I be so concerned about maintaining the same body weight? Is that just Miss Perfectionist talking to me? What does it say about me if my weight changes?” The answer to that last question is one of my regular affirmations: “My weight and shape have no relation to my self-worth.”

So, instead of trying desperately to resist change, I think I’ll roll with it and see what there is to learn from the journey. What changes are you facing tonight? Is part of you putting up major resistance? See if you can find a still small voice within you that says, “It’s okay to change. It might actually be kinda fun.”

Peace, joy, and health!



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