Although I’m feeling pretty good about my decision to get (and stay) out of B.E.D. each day, I do have setbacks. I can think of a time several months ago when I was grieving over the losses of several professional relationships and just didn’t want to sit with my sadness. Instead of choosing to get out of B.E.D., I chose to stay in B.E.D., not bingeing and then restricting, but definitely ignoring my body’s need for certain foods and overeating foods I didn’t need. I used food in an attempt to fill an emotional and spiritual, not physical, hunger.

Looking back on that experience today, I realize that one of the most important things I did right after I overate was to remind myself that “setbacks are a part of life” and that just because I had a setback didn’t mean I was totally 100% re-chained to B.E.D. or the binge cycle. Sure, I had chosen a quick and easy (albeit temporary) fix for my sadness instead of choosing any number of alternatives that I know are better for me, longer lasting and really get to the heart of the matter. The point is, I didn’t dwell on it.

What I want to stress today is that setbacks do happen and they’re okay. “I’m okay. You’re okay. We’re okay.” Setbacks are normal in recovery from nearly all addictions. They provide us with important information and can even seem like a familiar friend. What we do with the setback is just as important as the fact that we had one. If we take some time to journal about our thoughts, feelings, behaviors and the situations that may have triggered the setback, we can learn something.

If you’ve had a setback or two or three or four, what are your mind, body, and spirit telling you? Are things in your life out of balance? What foods are you drawn to? Here are two books you might find helpful in your recovery:

Geneen Roth: “Women Food and God”

Anita Johnston: “Eating in the Light of the Moon”

Peace, joy, and health.



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