“Frazzled” is such a great word. For me, it conjures up images of a Fraggle (remember those cute Jim Henson Muppet creatures who lived in caves?) running around frantically with its hands in the air and its floppy Muppet arms flailing. Frazzled is how I feel today (if frazzled can be considered an emotion). My office recently moved to a new building, which adds 15 minutes to my commute (not a big deal), but getting settled into a new environment is not easy for me, especially when there are several immediate demands placed on my attention (if you’ve read my post called “Changes”, you know how well I handle them!).

In the past, when I’ve been frazzled, I’ve binged. Of course, since I choose not to use that particular coping strategy anymore, it means I need to find other outlets for my frazzled state of being. Today I’m choosing to blog about it…while I eat a salad I bought 30 minutes ago. So, I realize I’m still eating in response to being frazzled, but I’m eating something healthy and something that I planned as part of my daily meals and snacks.

Do you have a list of alternate activities yet, things you can do when you’re feeling frazzled or whatever else you feel which triggers bingeing or overeating? Writing is definitely one of my number one tools to avoid bingeing. I’m glad to have this blog as an outlet for my frazzles. How will YOU handle your frazzled state?

Peace, joy, and health!



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