One of my favorite songs by contemporary Christian singer, Natalie Grant, says of God’s awesome power to change chaos to beauty, “You’re turning the tattered fabric of my life into a perfect tapestry.” Did you ever see a hand-woven tapestry? If you hold it very close to your eyes, you lose sight of the bigger picture or pattern; all you see are the individual fibers, each of them imperfect and seemingly randomly placed and colored. But when you pull the tapestry away, stand back, and look at the whole thing at once, suddenly a gorgeous pattern appears and the individual flaws are overlooked.

When I look back and scrutinize the mistakes I’ve made, the choices I wish I had made differently, and the general mess that was my life while I was chained to my eating disorder, it seems “tattered”, to say the least. Amazingly, by gaining some distance (in the form of time, healing, and self-care), I’m now able to see the “perfect tapestry” that was woven—I believe by God—from those random tattered bits of fabric. It’s almost as if God is a master weaver and said, “Okay, this is not what I had in mind for your life, but I’ll make something beautiful out of it anyway.” Through recognizing that beauty that can come from my mistakes, I find peace.

Are you seeing the whole picture or are you focused on just the individual threads of your existence? Is there some way you can step back, pull the threads back from your eyes and take in the whole design? I believe God is at work in our lives, weaving something beautiful out of something seemingly tattered. May your heart find peace through viewing your “perfect tapestry” today.

Peace, joy, and health.



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