“Every Little Helps”

When I studied abroad in England in the Fall of 1997, there was a grocery store called “Tesco” and the sloganon its reusable shopping bags was “Every Little Helps”. “True”, I thought, “But where’s the ‘bit’? Shouldn’t it be, “Every Little Bit Helps”?” I never did figure out how the word, “little”, got to be a noun instead of an adjective. In any case, today’s blog post is about the fact that every little [bit] of progress we make on our journey to recovery does, indeed, help.

Right now, I’m working on several things in my own journey: 1) loving my body’s shape as it changes; 2) looking beyond what I see in the mirror to what I know exists in my soul; and 3) tuning into and heeding my body’s nutritional and exercise needs. So, whenever I make even a little progress, I write it down in my “Me Journal” (see my post called “Superglue”) and read it over and over again. It really does help. Another thing that helps me is to see how far I’ve come, in terms of having written and published a book about my experiences, helping to draft legislation advocating on behalf of Pennsylvanians with eating disorders, writing these blog posts, and now having my journey highlighted in a new book called “Speed Healing” by Bill Gottlieb. 

I know, after years of practice, that “every little [good thing I do for myself] helps” with my decision to get out of B.E.D. every day. What little things are you doing to help yourself on this journey?

Peace, joy, and health.



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