It’s all relative

In my blog post called “Looking within, not between”, I talked about the importance of being your own measuring stick of progress, instead of looking to others for comparison. I’m bringing back that theme again today because it seems to be something I still struggle with. My “default mode” is to compare myself with others–their intelligence, their wit, their physicality, their (perceived) happiness, their financial stability, their career, their relationships with others, etc. I have to remind myself over and over again that “it’s all relative, baby”. When I use others as a measuring stick for myself, there are always going to be some “better” and some “worse” than me.

Today that was brought to the forefront of my mind again when I saw a woman I’ve never seen before at the gym. One glance at her well-trained physique and I was bombarded with all kinds of self-talk again: “Wow. She’s got more nicely defined muscles than I do. She’s got a prettier figure than I do. She’s been doing cardio for way longer than I can do…” It wasn’t until my workout partner snapped me back to attention that I realized I was spending more time thinking about how I measured up compared to another (total stranger) than actually recognizing my own progress, which is clear when I actually focus on it.

So, again today, I’m reminding myself (and thus YOU) that “it’s all relative” when using others as a comparison. I think I’m gonna go write down five things that I really like about my body…its shape, its ability to get me around, its health. May your eyes be opened today to all of your progress.

Peace, joy, and health!



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