On my drive to work this morning, I was listening to a CD by Laura Story and thinking about the concept of doubt. Currently, I’m doubting some career and education decisions I’ve made. At first, I felt “squirmy”. How can I have just finished my master’s degree and still have doubt about my life’s direction? What does that say about me? I continued to think about doubt, and after looking back on the times in my life when I’ve experienced doubt (in God, in my ability to overcome Binge-Eating Disorder, in my relationships, in my decisions, in my career, etc.), I came to the conclusion that doubt has not only played an important role in my life, but it’s been crucial to restoring my faith.

This was a powerful discovery! I’ve had discussions with some who are of the opinion that (especially in terms of God) any trace of doubt is a bad thing and needs to be removed right away. But doubt has served me well in my life. Whenever I have experienced any form of doubt, I have asked questions…I’ve questioned God, myself, my friends, my family, and total strangers. The wonderful thing about questioning others is that, although I always got many different answers and opinions, my questions brought me closer to God, myself, and others. The whole process of inviting others into my circle, my world, my chaos, my confusion, and my doubt has been healing in and of itself. So, I can honestly say that doubt has been a wonderful gift!

Are you doubting yourself or your abilities to break out of the binge cycle? Are you feeling discouraged, lonely, or scared today? Instead of seeing doubt as a bad thing, consider embracing it! Find a trusted friend who will listen to you share your doubts. Whisper a prayer or plea to the universe. Doubt is not a brick wall with no way over, under, around, or through; it is the first step on the path to renewed faith.

Peace, joy, and health!



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