Requesting feedback

During the last three years, as I navigated the waters of getting a master’s degree and learned how to effectively counsel college students, I discovered that requesting feedback from others can go a long way to establishing trust and maintaining a relationship with someone. In addition, it shows that you are genuinely interested in bettering yourself for the sake of bettering the relationship. So, today’s blog post is less about sharing information with you than it is about requesting some feedback from whoever out there is reading this. In the past month, I’ve written about many topics–mostly those that strike me as important. Now, I’d like to hear some suggestions from you, dear reader. What topics related to body image, weight, and eating concerns would be helpful to hear about? What areas of concern do you have? What do you still struggle with? What tools do you want to add to your “recovery toolbox”, but don’t know how to implement? Feel free to comment directly to this post (which may require you to sign up for a account) or email me at the following address: megansbook2006[at] Thanks!

Peace, joy, and health!



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