I’m continually amazed by the mind-body connection in humans. It seems that whenever my body is tired from lack of sleep, my mind is, too. When my muscles ache from a vigorous workout, my mind craves an equal amount of stimulation. When my mind is swimming with jumbled thoughts, my body wants to dance, jump, run, walk fast…anything to match the frenetic pace of my mind. Today my whole body feels sluggish due to a restless dream-filled night and my mind is equally slow: slow to process what people are saying, slow to get down to the business of working, slow to think of things to write in my blog!

In the past, when my body is sluggish, but my mind is forced to catch up due to the demands of life, I’ve tried to rev up my body’s engines with food. I’ve learned that this does NOT work if you try to rev up with simple carbohydrates. Well, it does work temporarily, but the sugar crash you’re likely to experience later (not to mention the possibility of triggering a binge), isn’t worth it. It does help to drink a lot of water (believe it or not, rehydrating can wake you up faster and longer than caffeine, which dehydrates) and to eat iron- and vitamin-rich foods (veggies and lean meat).

What amazes you about the mind-body connection? Take a few moments each day to pay attention to the messages your body and mind send you.

Peace, joy, and health.



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