“What We Did on Our Holidays”

My inspiration for today’s blog post comes from a song called, “She Moves Through the Fair” by Fairport Convention (with famed singer, Sandy Denny). The album is called “What We Did on Our Holidays” and it reminded me of the fact that I rarely take an extended holiday or vacation. Sure, I spent a week in Tennessee in mid-May, which was great self-care for my mind, body, and spirit, but since then I’ve been go-go-going. Even when I took six days off from work in early August, I spent the time cleaning the house, hosting guests, organizing my files, and studying for my licensure exam. I’m so often giving someone or some project 100% of my attention (even if just a few minutes a day, those few minutes are intensely devoted to that one person or project). 

So, when I thought about “What [I] Did on [My] Holidays”, I thought, “What holidays?!” Lately, although the weather is still oven-like, I’m feeling the need to hunker down and be with me, myself, and I, as if in preparation for the coming Fall and Winter. So, I’ve decided to take some time to myself to read, take day trips, and do some creative writing, which means I’ll be taking a break from this blog. I hope you’ll browse through the archive while I’m gone and read entries you may have missed or re-read posts that you found helpful before. When I come back to this blog, I hope to feel refreshed and with a head full of ideas, thoughts, and experiences to share.

Peace, joy, and health to you and yours!



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