“Focus on fitness instead of fatness”

I just finished reading a great article by Center for Change dietician Alice Covey, RD, CD called Stop Being a Fattist. The title caught my eye. In the article, she shares some of the ways our culture is biased against fat people (she explains why she uses the term “fat” instead of “overweight”) and how the billion dollar diet industry has blinded us into believing that being fat is unhealthy. In the past, I had read several studies (and she mentions them) that suggest that people who are considered “overweight” for their height actually have higher longevity rates than others. Ms. Covey urges us to “focus on fitness instead of fatness”. So, take a moment to read her article and let me know what you think by emailing me at megansbook2006@yahoo.com . Stop Being a Fattist


Peace, joy, and fitness!



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