Similar uniqueness

I’m in the process of putting the finishing touches on the second edition of my book, which I hope to submit to the publisher in a few weeks (so, stay tuned!). The second edition of Getting Out of B.E.D. will include additional stories about the journey to full recovery from an eating disorder.  My dad and two other women shared updates on their lives and although these are three very unique people, I found myself awed by the similarities in their journeys. Each person talked about how a change in perspective, a different way of viewing the same situation, has led to increased inner peace and fewer days “in B.E.D.” It seemed to me that they were similar despite their uniqueness.

I often marvel at the resilience that seems common to all humans…it is our shared nature to keep fighting, to keep striving to overcome obstacles, and to keep surviving however we know how. This is apparent after every natural disaster; people fight and strive and survive. This is also evident in my counseling work with college students. Yesterday, a student began to talk about his attempts to find meaning and purpose for his life. Several of his phrases were nearly exactly the phrases that have gone through my own head at times in my life when I was searching for meaning. Again, I was awestruck by our common “humanness”; it links us despite our unique lives.

Is it possible to celebrate the similar uniqueness of others you come into contact with? In previous blog posts, I’ve written about the healing power of support and of connection with others. Find some people who are similarly unique (or  uniquely similar!) to you and bring them with you on your journey to recovery.

Peace, joy, and health.




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