“Be a purveyor of hope. Hope generally makes things better.”

(Mary Pipher’s advice in Letters to a Young Therapist)

Every weekend I start to think about what I want to write in my blog. And, to be honest, every weekend I think, “I don’t have anything else to say. Maybe I’ll just stop writing.” But then there will be one new subscriber or I’ll get an email from someone who has read it and liked it or I read something that sparks my interest. In other words, just when I think I have nothing more to offer my readers, I get inspired!

This week I am inspired by the idea of helping others find hope. The quote above is from one of the most inspiring books I have ever read. As a new therapist myself, I pored over the wisdom embedded on each page of Letters to a Young Therapist. In a recent conversation I had with my clinical supervisor, I was reminded that even when I feel like I’m not doing anything (that the client is either stuck and therapy is not progressing OR the client is moving ahead in leaps and bounds, seemingly without my assistance), I’m always providing hope. Just by sitting with someone once a week, being genuine, listening intently, and normalizing the pain, I am saying, “There is hope. It can get better.” Hope, in and of itself, is very healing.

And so, it dawned on me this morning — as I watched the thick cloud cover pull away to reveal the first bright patch of sky since yesterday’s storms — that this blog may provide hope. And if it provides hope to even one person, that’s a good enough reason for me to keep writing.

What do you hope for? Who keeps you going when you feel hope fading? Keep in mind this week that, even when your sky has been dark and gray for days, weeks, months on end, there is still hope. The clouds could break at any minute to reveal the sun. Just take it one minute, one day at a time.

Peace, HOPE, joy, and health!



One thought on “Hope

  1. Ms Leftie says:

    Your writing is very inspiring please do not stop, I am only just beginning my journey and I have found your book to be invaluable!

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