Saying goodbye

During my morning devotions, I read from a booklet called “Christ in Our Home”. A few days ago, the author of that day’s devotion wrote, “Our simple parting words, ‘good-bye’, were once a parting blessing and benediction. ‘God be with thee’ was the original phrase. With an English accent it often sounded like, ‘Go’ be wi’ ye.’ Over time it was further shortened to its present form. Every time we part and say ‘goodbye’, we are giving a blessing and a benediction. It is more than wishful thinking. We declare that wherever we are, whatever we do, God is with us.”

These thoughts are comforting me today, as I prepare to say some goodbyes in the very near future. As I prepare to move on to a new job, I will say “goodbye” to co-workers with whom I have built solid relationships. I’ll try to remember that “goodbye” is simply “God be with thee”, a blessing and a benediction. Still, goodbyes are difficult for me. I find myself wanting to avoid them altogether or get them over with quickly, like tearing off a bandaid as fast as possible.

Are goodbyes difficult for you? At one point in my life, saying goodbye to someone meant that I would come home and binge, to numb out from the sorrow of loss and the fear of moving on to something yet unknown. Now that I’m no longer stuck in B.E.D., saying goodbye is just plain painful. But I’ve learned that pain is just pain. It’s neither good nor bad. And I can live with it. My faith in God allows me to have great hope for the future so that “goodbye” really is just “God be with thee.”

God be with YOU this day.

Peace, joy, and health,



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