Passion and creativity

Last week, I mentioned a website called, “The Real Women Project“, which aims to restore healthy body image among women and girls. I started discussing some of the tenets of “The Real Woman Creed”, which is found on the bottom of the main page. So, this week, I want to discuss this statement, the third in the creed: “I believe that I possess an abundance of passion and creative potential and I commit to the expression of these gifts.”

Do you believe that about yourself? Are you aware of the things that you’re passionate about? Do you recognize your own creative potential? And by “creative” I don’t think they simply mean the ability to make pretty paintings, sculptures, or needlework. says that “creative” means several things: 1) having the ability to create; 2) being original in thought; 3) having imagination; or 4) being able to bend rules or conventions in a sophisticated way. Do any of those ideas fit you? To any of you who say “no”, I’d have to argue that, as unique human beings, we are each original in thought. It’s just our fear (often fed and watered by society) that squashes our originality and makes us think, “I shouldn’t say that” or “I shouldn’t do this.”

Take a few moments to think about your creative potential and come up with some ways to express it this week. Start out small and build on it until you’re letting your creativity and light shine all over the place.

Peace, joy, health, and creativity,



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