Meditation and relaxation

This Labor Day weekend marks the unofficial end of summer here in the U.S. While most people are sad that it’s over, I, for one, am happy. Having worked two jobs most of the summer, eaten poorly, not gotten to the gym more than twice a week in three months, and not taken a vacation, I feel drained emotionally and physically (now fighting my fourth cold since January, the most illnesses I’ve had in a single year since I was a kid). The effects of not taking time out for myself caught up with me on Monday when I found myself crying like a five year old on my way to work, begging God to not make me go.

Yep. It’s time for some serious “self-care”.

So, I trudged through Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday I got together with my graduate school internship supervisor, a wonderful, wise and genuine woman who knows and isn’t afraid to gently remind me of my clinical strengths (easy connection with my clients, well-planned and thought-out sessions) and areas of improvement (expecting myself to be perfect, being anxious about silence during a therapy session, etc.). Just being in her presence again made me feel better.

Thursday morning I had coffee with a therapist I had referred a client to. We had never met before, but suddenly I was in the presence of someone like-minded and willing to share some helpful hints about starting a private therapy practice. I left feeling some hope about my career future.

Today, tomorrow, Sunday, and Monday are four rare days off for me. I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself. And what did I do first thing this morning? Took my car to the repair shop because the “check engine” light went on. So here I am at home with a day off and no way to get anywhere except on my own two feet. When it rains, it pours.

I realize, though, that this is a perfect opportunity to do some meditation and visualizations for relaxation. I rarely have quiet time by myself in the house with nothing else on my “to do” list. I’m realizing that I can sit still and imagine myself in a peaceful place and then try to take that energy with me for the day.

Do you meditate or do positive visualizations? If you’re interested, but don’t know how to get started, here’s a great website:

Check it out and let me know whether regular meditation or guided imagery heals you the way it heals me.

Peace, joy, health, and relaxation!



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