Wisdom from a friend

Today I went searching through old journals that I have filled with musings, rantings, prayers, and creativity. I was searching for the perfect original poem to use as lyrics for another musical piece to be composed by my love, Paul. I didn’t find anything I thought was “suitable enough” to be set to music. But, I did find many words of advice and wisdom from myself to myself. Wisdom that I needed today.

So, although this post isn’t directly related to overcoming binge-eating, we can all use a little wisdom, right? I’ll share with you now the final words I wrote in a “letter to myself” on 8/3/10, my last day of graduate school…

“Dear one, think of all the progress you’ve made! And if there are ‘words of wisdom’ I would pass on to you, as you begin the next stage of your journey, they would be these: Laugh often. Take care of yourself. Be honest about your needs. Continue to forgive yourself for the things you think you mess up. Remain humble. Stay in touch with those you met on this part of your journey. Continue to share your genuine concern and your big heart with others. But most of all, remember God’s rainbow of promise.”

Try writing your own letter to yourself. Tap into that gentle, loving, wise voice inside of you. Tune out the inner critics, the voice of perfectionism, the voice of fear, the voice of failure, and listen to what the real you, the healthy and whole you, has to say. You’ll be amazed at how healing it can be.

Peace, joy, health and healing!



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