Fat Talk Free Week

Hi, everyone.

I’m feeling a bit guilty about there being such long gaps between my blog posts these days. I’m lucky if I get two posted per month. But, here I am!

This week is “Fat Talk Free Week”. If you haven’t heard of the group, “End Fat Talk”, check out their website and take the pledge to stop perpetuating “fat talk”. For example, have you ever said any of the following: “I feel fat today” or “I’ll feel better if I just lose a little more weight” or “Did you see what she’s wearing?! Nobody that big should wear THAT.”?  The goal for this week is to take a pledge to start focusing on inner beauty and not outer looks. The aim of the group is to ultimately sever the link between external beauty and competence, especially for women.

Those of you who have read my book (Getting Out of B.E.D.) know that I interview two men with binge-eating disorder. Although the End Fat Talk group aims to end statements that reinforce the thin ideal for females, I’ll argue that focusing on “thin” instead of “healthy” is painful for both females and males. (Ha! I never was a great feminist!) Pain is pain and suffering is suffering, whether you’re male or female.

So, try to be aware of what words come out of your mouth this week. Are you unintentionally reinforcing the thin ideal? If so, can you put a stop to it for one day, one week, one month?

You know my mantra…”one day at a time”. We CAN end fat talk. We CAN focus on inner beauty and wisdom. Let’s start today!

Peace, joy, and health,



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