Healing through Writing

I think it’s been over a year since I last wrote in here about the healing power of writing, so I think it’s time to reiterate that point.

This morning I woke up with the knowledge that I have a completely free day ahead of me. No need to go in to work, no pressing chores to be done, no distractions of any kind. So, what is the first thought that crosses my mind? “I’m bored!” Yep. Even with access to a car, money, a house full of craft supplies, books to read, and the internet to surf, all I could think was, “I’m bored.”

I decided to try to practice what I teach the teens in my drug and alcohol education groups: “It’s okay to feel bored. Feel it. Accept it. Sit still and allow your thoughts to drift wherever they want to go.” I laid down on the bed in my sun-drenched bedroom and immediately was joined by four of my five cats. A huge smile broke out over my face. I observed their every move, noting how fastidious they are about cleaning themselves, how desirous they are of my attention, and how territorial they are of their respective places on the bed. I noticed my thoughts drifting towards poetry I’ve read about cats. And then I heard myself think, “Go get your journal and write about this.” So, that’s just what I did: a haiku style (5-7-5) poem series. I share it with you now and encourage you to embrace boredom, embrace the quiet, and allow yourself to find healing through writing.

“On a brisk fall day,
three cats rest in the bedroom:
Diva sleeps lightly,
her eyes still open.
Quaalude gives herself a bath,
washing every inch.
Galadriel purrs,
content to be stroked by me,
as I lay quiet.
Quaalude gets frisky,
attacking the bedcovers.
Monty now enters
and Diva awakes,
wary of his near presence.
He pays her no mind
as he bird watches
from the wide, sunlit window
and meows softly.
Glad adjusts herself,
nuzzling her head on my leg,
as the grackels chirp.
What peace these cats bring
when my thoughts are off to war!
Now we will all nap.”

Peace, joy, and health.



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