Work of Art – Part 1

You are a work of art. You were uniquely sculpted by the Potter’s hands. Regardless of what you believe about your core self, your shape, your weight, or your size, you are worthy of love. So, maybe your thoughts and actions haven’t been communicating that message to those around you. It’s never too late to think or act differently…right now.

In my new job as counselor at a university, I’m enjoying planning activities for an “eating concerns” support group that I’ll be co-facilitating with one of our interns. One of the activities I came across is from a book called, “Food & Body Connections” edited by Sandy Stewart Christian, MSW. The gist of the activity is to find a work of art (a portrait of a person) that you identify with, one that speaks to you about your own uniqueness and your positive qualities. You could look at images of art online or go to a local art museum and wander around or even look at art books in a library or bookstore. Once you’ve found an image that you feel represents you, try to determine what it is that speaks to you. Is it something physical? Is it a general “sense” you get from the portrait? Are the colors (whether vibrant, dull, pastel, etc.) grabbing you or putting you in a particular mood? Try to find out why this work of art represents you. Consider buying or printing a color copy of the work of art. And whenever you feel your mind drifting towards negative thoughts about yourself, take a look at your work of art. Study it closely and allow it to restore you to a positive mindset.

The holidays can feel so lonely despite the busyness of the season. When others offer you physical food, first treat yourself to some soul food, in the form of positive thinking. Take the time to love yourself because you are worthy of love.

Peace, joy, and health,



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