New Year. Now YOU.

I don’t like the phrase, “New Year, New You”. It takes me right back into the horrors of my disordered eating habits where I said to myself, “tomorrow I’ll eat better.” Tomorrow I’ll stop bingeing. Tomorrow I’ll stop hating myself. Tomorrow I’ll be successful. Tomorrow more people will like me. It was always about looking ahead instead of about appreciating the blessings all around me right NOW.

So, this year I’m changing the phrase to, “New Year. Now YOU.” It’s a reminder to myself and all of my readers to stay in the present, to not regret the unchangeable past, and to not worry about the future. It’s now time for those of us who tend to everyone else’s needs before our own to focus on ourselves. “What?!”, you may be thinking (as I once did), “I focus too much on myself. I look at myself in the mirror all day, wishing for a different body or obsessing about my weight and shape. Focusing on myself is the last thing I need.” Well, tell your inner critic to hit the road, because “New year, now YOU” is not about bathing in self-loathing criticism; it’s about giving yourself permission to experience and accept things as they are in the present moment, whatever they may be.

“New year. Now YOU.” In the new year, give yourself permission to take care of yourself. Nurture your soul in some small way that has a direct impact on your well-being: find one of those daily inspirational quote websites; buy a joke-a-day calendar; start practicing meditation; take five minutes off of your computer time each day to sit quietly and focus on your breath; turn your cell phone off before you go to bed at night (or leave it in another room); or start each day by trying to notice one new thing about your surroundings. Create some “now moments”…honor what you can and can’t do in a given day.

It’s almost a new year. Now is the time to focus positive attention on YOU. You have always been, are now, and always will be worth it.

Peace, joy, and health in 2012.



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