A week of affirmations – Sunday

This morning my day began with my usual hot shower, but something was different. My thoughts were stuck in the future and the past. My mind drifted to remnants of the melancholy dream to which I awoke. From there, it floated off into worries about what work will be like this week. And before I knew it, my inner critic was reminding me that I need to lose the few holiday pounds I gained. I went off on that tangent for a while before I started feeling really sad and didn’t want to face the day. That’s when I realized that I was again allowing my inner critic to rule my mood. No sir. Not gonna happen. I refuse to allow negative thoughts to take up space in my head today.

A few minutes later, I reached for a piece of paper I have rolled up and tucked inside a vase in my bathroom. The paper says, “Positive Thoughts. Written 4/25/08”. I hadn’t looked at these thoughts in a few months so I opened the scroll and saw the list of affirmations, one for each day of the week. I glanced down:

Sunday: I am a child of God, blessed with many gifts of the Spirit.

Wow. Talk about a change in perspective. From “I am pudgy. I need to lose weight. I don’t like my body.” to “I am a child of God, blessed with many gifts of the Spirit.” I reminded myself of one of those gifts, the gift of healing others through my work as a counselor. Surely that should count for something — for now, my inner critic is quiet.

What positive thoughts could you inject into your day today? Write them down. Hang them up in prominent places around your home, your work space, or anywhere you’re likely to see them. And check in tomorrow for thoughts on my Monday affirmation.

Peace, joy, and health.



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