A week of affirmations – Tuesday

This week, as you may know, I’m reviewing a list of positive thoughts and affirmations that I wrote in April 2008. Today I read:

Tuesday – I will not allow myself to be jealous of others. Instead, I may look to others for inspiration.

I remember the day I wrote that one. I had joined a gym two months prior and was beginning to feel overwhelmed by the sculpted, athletic bodies around me, bodies that were so different from my own curvy, undefined form. It seemed an impossible task to change the way I looked. My heart grew jealous of those who made it look easy. Thus, this more positive thought was born.

Today, however, I don’t think this one really fits me. I don’t find myself looking to others’ bodies for inspiration anymore. That’s the great thing about writing down your thoughts…when you go back to them later, you can always adapt them to suit your current needs. So, today my thought will be:

I will not allow myself to be jealous of others. I have many wonderful qualities of my own.

What are some positive things you can say about yourself today?

Peace, joy, and health.



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