A week of affirmations – Thursday

Thursday is almost over and I’m just now sharing today’s affirmation. It’s a good one:

Thursday – Fat and weight have no relation to my self-worth.

It’s true! Unfortunately, this one has taken me over a decade to believe. In high school, college, and early adulthood, I was so quick to dismiss everything positive about myself. I thought that if I didn’t have a thin, attractive body — no matter how talented, charming, or well-liked I was — I was of little worth on this planet. I’m amazed that I now know differently.

I came to that understanding very slowly and it began with a counselor asking me to make a list of people I admired for one reason or another. She said I should make the list as long as I possibly could. I came up with about eight people in a minute. She then asked me to review the list with her. What did I admire about each person? After I shared my reasons, she said, “you never once said, ‘I admired that person because she was thin or attractive.'” I paused. She went a step further and asked me to consider whether anyone on my list was what society would consider overweight. I said, “yeah. All but one of them.” Bigger pause. I was beginning to see that there really was a difference between the contributions an individual makes to the world and their size and shape. In fact, there was little correlation (or you could argue that I saw a correlation whereby people who I admired were NOT known for their athletic bodies or hourglass figures).

Our society and the media continually reinforce the idea that we are nothing unless we are attractive and thin. This goes for both men and women. Men who do not fit the “athletic build” and women who do not have an “hourglass figure” are subtly (and not so subtly) told they are inferior. Signs at my local gym proclaim that I can be a happier person if I lose weight (using their patented fitness program, of course). The sign not only shows a smiling person, but one who is holding hands with someone of the opposite gender…suggesting that thinness equals attractiveness and attractiveness equals desirability. Take it one step further and desirability equals being worthy of love.

Sometimes I get frustrated with the amount of damage that needs to be undone in the U.S. People are desperately in need of healing. I know I’m not going to impact many on this planet, but if I can impact just a few, then that is a start. Will you start today by trying to accept that you are important and worthy of love and respect? Truly, fat and weight have no relation to self-worth, as much as the world wants us to think otherwise.

Peace, joy, and health.



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