A week of affirmations – Saturday

Well, it’s been six days since I started pumping myself full of positive thoughts, one a day. I tried to really focus on each one until I truly felt it. After all that positivity, today’s affirmation is easier to believe:

Saturday – I am a strong and confident woman.

Clearly, this one won’t apply to everyone, but by now you get the idea. I think when I wrote this one almost four years ago, I was talking about being physically strong, not just emotionally. But now I generally do feel physically and emotionally strong and I definitely feel more confident than I did four years ago.

In my counseling work, I have the opportunity to be amazed (almost on a daily basis) at the resilience and strength of human beings. Yet, my personal experience and professional work have revealed that those who appear quite strong to others, often have the least confidence in themselves. Perhaps there’s a difference between making the world believe you can handle anything and actually believing it yourself. I know that confidence grows little by little, one day at a time. And maybe confidence is the more valuable trait — there will certainly be things that blindside us and leave us feeling weak and vulnerable. But if we are confident that we can accept the momentary vulnerability and confident in our ability to reach out to others, then maybe that’s ultimately the same thing as strength.

Just some food for thought on this last day of my week of affirmations. Keep up the positive self-talk.

Peace, joy, and health.



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