Mindful eating at its easiest

I’ve written before about “mindful eating”, or the idea that our bodies know what they need and want to eat and that it’s okay to trust them.

Well, today I am quite aware of how wonderful my body is at telling me what it needs, in terms of nutrition. You see, I’ve been sick with a 24-hour stomach bug. The first thing I was craving when I woke up and the sickness had passed was water. After slowly sipping that and coming more alive, I could almost hear my body saying, “ginger ale!” Maybe it’s just ’cause ginger ale was a staple when I was sick as a kid, but there’s something so nice about the semi-flat ginger taste when I’m recuperating and some swear by the healing powers of ginger. When I’m feeling more hydrated, I think I’ll eat some saltines. I guess my body knows when it needs to replenish its sodium and also realizes that white flour is easier to digest than whole grain flours.

I’m sure I’ll eventually be craving the full gammot of foods again — and at that point, discerning what my body is craving versus what my emotional self is craving may be more difficult. For now it’s nice to just turn off my brain and let my body do the work it was created to do.

Bodies are amazing!

Peace, joy, and health.



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