Love is…

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’d like to share my thoughts on what love is, and not just familial or romantic love, but what love is to someone who has recovered from an eating disorder.

Love is a laugh shared with a friend over a slice of pizza.

Love is a “well done” from parents who witnessed my struggle.

Love is a hand-written thank you note from my brother.

Love is a home-cooked meal enjoyed with my partner.

Love is a head-butt from an affectionate cat.

Love is being free to eat whatever my body needs and wants.

Love is opening my heart to receiving, not just giving.

Love is daring to embrace my fears.

Love is feeling like I’ve finally found my true self.

Love is wanting to shout THANK YOU, GOD from my roof.

Love is sharing my story with others.

Love is never giving up hope that recovery is possible for all who struggle.

Peace, joy, health and LOVE,



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