Memorial Day Weekend

Well, a long weekend is upon me in just a few short hours. In years past, holidays and long weekends were difficult to get through without the agony of body dissatisfaction, the attempts at dieting and avoiding “bad” foods, the helpless, hopeless feeling when I ate something I thought I shouldn’t have, the frantic nature of bingeing, and the pain of self-loathing. I’m so relieved that I am no longer trapped in the binge cycle. Although I still struggle with occasional body dissatisfaction (and will be addressing that in my counseling sessions this summer), I still believe I am recovered from Binge-Eating Disorder.

So, the three-day weekend ahead of me is a blessing. First, it’s a blessing because it’s an opportunity to remember all of the fallen soldiers who have sacrificed their lives so we can continue to enjoy our freedoms (as I blog, the Freedom of the Press seems appropriate!).  Second, the weekend is a blessing because it is finally something I look forward to without any dread that I will overeat (I may, but it won’t be the end of the world) or avoid foods (I generally don’t) or hate myself (I now love myself and my body…most days!). I plan to take care of myself by getting some sun (with sunscreen and plenty of water!), hanging out with friends, playing frisbee with my partner, painting, and writing some poetry.

What are you doing for self-care this weekend? If you haven’t read my book yet, or are thinking about it, the long weekend may be the perfect time to start! Whatever you do, “take care of YOU”, as a very dear friend of mine says.

Peace, joy, and health.



2 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend

  1. Maria says:

    Holiday weekends can be hard for me also. It’s like I get in “party” mode, even at my age..haha!! But this weekend, I will be in the “healthy” mode. And taking time to relax and have fun with family and friends. And I will be reading your book too!

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