Gaining strength through struggles

“It is through our struggles that we gain strength.” So said Pastor Cornelius Eaddy this morning as members of his parish joined members of mine in a very special, Spirit-filled worship. I was moved to tears as I recognized how much strength I have gained from my own struggles — strength that I don’t always recognize in myself. No matter whether it was the angst of high school, the uncertainty of college, the rocky road of my marriage and eventual divorce, the countless binges and diets, or the loss of my faith in God…through each of these struggles, I have gained strength. These struggles gave me a chance to “flex my muscles” by reaching out for help, by opening myself up to risks, by sharing my story with others, by trusting when I had no reason to trust.

So, today, I am thankful for that strength and for the recognition that it was there within me all along, just waiting to be uncovered. You, too, have strength within you. Strength that can be discovered through your struggles. How far will your newly strengthened wings take you? You have only to stretch them and find out.

Peace, health, and joy,



2 thoughts on “Gaining strength through struggles

  1. Linda Mitman says:

    You make me so proud!!! Thank you for taking time to write down your thoughts so others may be helped. Keep up the good work.
    Aunt Linda

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