Eyes Wide Open

So, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I spent the last few weeks of my summer break worrying about going back to work. I know, I know…after all my talk about living in the moment! Well, now it’s almost the end of my first week back at the university counseling center, with new full-time employee status, and I’m loving it. The students haven’t returned yet, so I know it’ll get more intense in the coming weeks, but right now it’s just nice to be reunited with my co-workers and getting energized for the fall.

I really do love the fall. There’s something so wonderful about the simultaneous gearing up (for a new school year and swiftly advancing holidays) and winding down (of the natural cycle of the earth). The fall is a time in which I feel open to new experiences and can notice and appreciate more of what’s going on around me.

This morning, on my birthday of all days, I was delighted to notice three praying mantises, perched on the outside of three different windows of my gym as I exercised. I can’t describe how happy this sighting made me! Just to notice one, then two, then the third made me squeal out loud, jump off (practically fall off) the elliptical, and run to my significant other’s side to share the good news. I was so convinced that this was a “sign” meant just for me. Three happens to be my favorite number and has great significance in my life. Also, I had seen three mantises on these same windows last summer, so the fact that three appeared again on my birthday no less…well, it just felt like God was sending me a personal “happy birthday” wish. (Is that a bit arrogant? Perhaps, but I’m a great believer in humans’ ability to connect and communicate with all living things.)

Anyway, this wonderful sign (which I noticed and many others in the gym did not) got me thinking about signs, in general. Are we, during our journey away from disordered eating, keeping our eyes wide open to the many signs and blessings around us? The ability to appreciate something new about ourselves, the willingness to share our story with someone, the brief moment of peace we felt when we ate mindfully or made one small step towards a goal…all of these are signs that we are on the path on which we are meant to be.

Take a look around you this weekend with eyes wide open to the possibility of signs and blessings. You are each a blessing to me, just for joining me on this journey.

Peace, joy, and health.



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