The F Word

Got your attention with my blog post title, huh?

It occurs to me, after having had the summer off and now being almost through my second week of full-time work and the busyness that goes along with it, that I should write about the F word. For my own sake, but maybe for your sake, too. The F word is not something I usually talk about…I mean, I do incorporate it into my life on occasion, but why not daily? Who’s to say that the F word shouldn’t be a part of our personal AND professional lives?

Okay, before you get nervous…I’m talking about FUN. How often do we go a whole day or week without having any real fun? Or without having a genuine laugh? Maybe it’s easy for us to have fun on non-work or non-school days, but is it possible to have fun even at work or school? What does it mean to you to “have fun”? Is it something that can only happen under certain circumstances (“when all my work is done”) or in certain situations (“when I’m on vacation”) or under the influence of certain substances (“when I’m drunk”)? What about having fun at home with your partner or having fun at work for a moment or having fun while out by yourself doing errands? I wonder what has to happen in order for you and me to enjoy ourselves? I ask because in my recovery from binge-eating disorder, I had to learn how to have fun. I had to find ways to feed my spiritual and emotional needs without turning to food. Having fun was a lifesaver!

So, how will you have fun today? If you’re stumped, you could start by just making a list of ways to have fun at home, in the car, out doing errands, at work, with friends, etc. Here are some I’m gonna add to my own list:

Ways to have fun at home: 1) play with the cats (it always makes me laugh to watch them chase things!); 2) put on music and dance in the living room; 3) tell my partner a story of my childhood adventures, one that makes me smile.

Ways to have fun in the car: 1) play the license plate game…honestly, I never get tired of keeping mental track of the different states that pass by. Perhaps this is distracted driving, but I’ll argue it’s better than texting while driving! 2) listen to happy music

Ways to have fun while doing errands: 1) find an aisle of the grocery store that’s clear and push my cart faster and faster until I’m running…it instantly brings on feelings of childlike happiness…as long as I don’t crash into anyone!

Ways to have fun while at work: 1) look at funny websites, bring in funny cartoons, tell (appropriate) jokes…do all of this on your break time, though!

What else can you come up with? Feel free to share your lists with me!

Peace, JOY, and health,



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