Day 2 – The Twelve Days of Thanksgiving

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I am inspired to write one thing each day that I am thankful for related to my recovery from Binge-Eating Disorder.

Day 2 – I’m thankful for my therapist.

I’ve had a half dozen counselors since college, but none as supportive or effective as the one I saw in 2004. My marriage was ending and I was grieving that loss, but I was finally at a point when I was ready to focus on my own health and healing. So, perhaps it was less about the therapist herself and more about my own readiness to change, but I’m so grateful for the ways she helped me. We began by exploring patterns in my thinking (my default was to assume the worst, to think in “all or nothing” terms, and to expect perfection). From there, we mapped out my behaviors — anything and everything related to my eating habits and body image. During our sessions, my therapist helped me gain insight about ways I had been perpetuating the binge cycle and ways I could get out of it, either by changing my thinking or changing my behavior (I did both). I had started much of this same work on my own, through a self-help book that my mom gave me called “Overcoming Binge Eating” by Christopher Fairburn. However, the work didn’t really “stick” until I had my own objective support person to walk with me on the start of that journey.

Who are your supports? How will you begin your journey away from binge-eating and towards self-love and self-respect? Perhaps a counselor or therapist is just the person to walk with you right now.

With gratitude,



4 thoughts on “Day 2 – The Twelve Days of Thanksgiving

  1. Leslie Neshama says:

    Megan – are there any counselors that you would recommend in the Baltimore area? I need some one to help me right now – to help get me out of B.E.D. We look forward.

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