A letter to myself

The idea for this post came from one of my readers. (Thank you, Leslie!) If you have never written a letter to yourself, see below for an example and try it. It’s something I’ve done several times over the years. It’s amazing how much love our Wise Mind has for us when we can tune out the inner critic!

Dear Megan,

It’s been a busy autumn. Full-time counseling, weekly supervision, the death of a loved one, a cat with a broken leg, responsibilities at church and home, a head cold for two weeks, and holiday events have left you feeling tired. You have had to reprioritize during this time, choosing to sacrifice some self-care activities (morning meditation and sleep) in order to get things done. Yet, I’m proud of you for staying focused on what’s really important — your relationships with other people. Despite all that’s going on, you stayed connected to your family, got together with friends, reached out to those who could help you in your grief, and talked to acquaintances through your blog and facebook page. You’ve not only maintained prior connections, but cultivated new ones. You put aside your small problems to help those who have bigger ones, yet recognized the need to tend to yourself, as well. I just want to say “Thank you, Megan!” There is a profound peace that comes from staying connected, remaining humble, and being thankful for the little things. Doing so has kept you grounded, centered, and able to give of yourself to others. Keep taking care of yourself because YOU ARE WORTH IT. When you replenish your own energy through self-care, you have more energy to share with others. When you share your energy with others, they have more to share with their friends and so on. So, thank you for recognizing your self worth and modeling that to others. And keep letting your light shine!




4 thoughts on “A letter to myself

  1. Leslie Neshama says:

    Your ‘Letter to Megan’ is filled with compassion. I honor you journey, Megan, and I am learning to honor mine, too. Thank you for your thought-full ways and for sharing your troubles and your victories, and how you have learned to rise each morning and get out of B.E.D.

  2. ginajeri says:

    This is a great thing to do. I really need to do this for myself. I have a constant battle in my head with the negative thoughts that having a written letter of the positives would really help. Thank you for sharing.

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