Checking in – two weeks in

Two weeks into January, and I find myself wanting to do a “check in”:

First, have I set some personal and professional goals for 2013? Yes. Among those goals are 1) have an exhibition of my arts and crafts in December of 2013; and 2) read at least two research articles a month.

Second, have I taken any steps toward my goals (even if small steps)? Yes. I decided to make one painting or craft project per month and completed the first one this weekend. Also, I picked out the two articles I want to read.

Third, have I congratulated myself for taking steps toward that goal? Yes. I’m writing a self-congratulatory blog post and patting myself on the back. Go me! 🙂

Fourth, have I been kind and gentle with myself when I have struggled with something? Yes. When I made some less-than-healthy food choices this weekend, I told myself it was okay and I redirected my attention to the present moment.

So, how are you doing, dear reader? Is it time for your own check-in?

Peace, joy, and health,



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