Maximizing Success

Do you ever get the feeling that in your quest to lose weight, you’re losing your very being? It occurs to me today that when I was in the midst of binge-eating disorder, the more I tried to reduce my body’s size, the more I lost of myself — my sense of humor, my pride, my desire to connect with family and friends, my recognition of my strengths. In fact, my inner critic minimized ME. My inner critic told me I had “little control” over my eating habits and “no hope” of recovery and didn’t “deserve happiness”. Even my successes were “no big deal…anyone could have done that”.

Once I was able to recognize that self-destructive voice, I began to argue against it:

“Maybe it’s not about controlling what I eat, but about being able to express my emotions safely.”

“Maybe there IS hope of recovery. Others have done it.”

“Maybe it IS important to congratulate myself for working so hard to change my thoughts and behaviors.”

“Maybe I DO deserve to feel happy.”

“Maybe I AM important.”

“Maybe I CAN make a difference.”

This wasn’t easy at first, and the statements were each a very hesitant maybe instead of a definite yes. But, I got there. I made it to the point where I no longer minimize my successes. I recognize my needs and express my feelings. I stay connected to family and friends. I eat mindfully. And I realize I deserve happiness. Do I do these things all the time? No. I certainly slide back into old thought patterns, but I know how to pull myself out of them.

I can now maximize my successes.

You can too!

Peace, joy, and health.



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