the HAES® files: HAES Consideration Self-Applied

My readers might recall me occasionally writing about the “Health At Every Size” movement. Here’s the latest posting from their blog and it includes some wonderful reminders about tuning in to our bodies and being gentle with ourselves when progress on a goal seems slow.

Peace, joy, and health,

— Megan

Health At Every Size® Blog

by Dana Schuster, MS

Zimmer_knee_replacement10C (1)For the past two months I have been recovering from bilateral knee replacement surgery. Yep, I did them both at once—a decision that has been described by some as “crazy” and others as “really smart.” In all honesty, I think both opinions have merit.

I know many friends and colleagues who have been thwarted by doctors in getting cleared for joint replacement surgery because they were fat. Outright denial of these procedures or “requirements” to lose significant poundage in order to be even considered, have kept them from being able to secure these treatments which just might change their lives for the better. I was very fortunate to have the first surgeon I consulted NOT respond in this restrictive manner, and when he told me to “lose as much weight as possible” in a pre-surgical consultation, my quick and definitive statement that “that’s not going to…

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