What Does Someone’s Weight Tell You?

Hi, all.

I’ve felt less than inspired to write on this blog lately, not because food, weight, and body image are no longer an important concern, but because I feel I (or others) have already said what needs to be said. However, today, I ran across the following article that I want to pass on to you. It was posted on the National Eating Disorders Association website and talks about the importance of recognizing what traits we associate with “fat people” and what traits we associate with “thin people”. Once we recognize that, we can begin to change our mindset (and dare I say, start a revolution?). This topic is at the very core of the Health At Every Size movement, which I’ve talked about in recent posts. So, take a few moments and check out this article called, “Can You Tell Anything By a Person’s Weight?”

Peace, joy, and health,



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