Sifting For Gold

This evening, as I was poring over a morass of blogs on this and other websites, I became dismayed by the number of unhealthy, unbalanced views on eating disorder recovery that exist out there for the world to see. In reality, I know that everyone has a right to share their opinions and that sharing one’s story is often the first step in de-stigmatizing this disorder, but I almost wish there was some “test” that bloggers had to pass in order to be able to publish information that they’re claiming to be fact. Again, not realistic, AND how judgmental of me to deem my own writings “worthy” and others’ writings “not worthy” of public view!

However, it reminded me of the importance of patiently sifting through the rocks, pebbles, sand, grit, and dirt (i.e., recovery advice from the untreated and unhealthy) in order to find the flecks of gold (i.e., recovery led by a professional that can bring true peace of mind). I don’t say this just because I happen to be a mental health professional. I say it from experience. When I first started my journey towards recovery from Binge-Eating Disorder, I asked anyone and everyone (except a professional) what to do. The answers ranged from “just stop overeating” to “you’re not fat, so you can’t possibly have binge-eating disorder”.

It was so easy for me to pay attention to the “big rocks” that jumped out at me at first glance — the loudest celebrity mouthpiece, the latest diet fad, the flashiest fitness magazine cover, or the most endearing blog by a person who claims to be in recovery. Those of us ready to begin the journey to true recovery just need to be sure we’re checking in with ourselves to determine if the voice that we’re reading on the page is a voice of Truth or not. Our inner Wise Mind knows what is Truth. That spark of the divine within each of us is able to determine the helpful encouragement from the inflexible “shoulds” and judgmental advice.

I’ll close now with something from the biblical book of Ephesians that I try to keep in mind whenever I write something for the public: “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.” – Ephesians 4:29

Peace, joy, and health,



3 thoughts on “Sifting For Gold

  1. Leslie Neshama says:

    Write On, Megan, Right-On.

    I love your blog – your honesty, your fairness, your earnest ways.

    Peace and love,
    all ways

    I await your next post. Thx, dear Megan.

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