International No Diet Day

Hi, everyone.

Just checking in briefly today to pass on to you information about today’s “International No Diet Day”. I just learned about this today, so I’m sorry the information is a little late.

Check out the history of the day at the Health at Every Size blog:

Every day should be “no diet day” — not because I’m endorsing the other extreme, but because the diet industry is out to make money not help people. By constantly changing the “rules” about what and how much we should eat and by endorsing the arbitrary (yes, arbitrary) standards for “healthy weight” set by the American Medical Association, the diet industry ensures that people will always be unaccepting of their bodies and willing to buy into diet plans and workout programs in search of an elusive body and weight perfection that doesn’t exist. Again, I’m not advocating that we altogether abandon the tenets of weight-loss programs and give up our gym memberships, but I have found a need for balance and when HEALTH, not weight-loss or body shaping is the goal, I feel at peace.

So, Happy International No Diet Day, everyone!!

Peace, joy, and health.



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