Work of Art – Part 2

This morning I woke up feeling energetic after 8 hours of sleep. I decided to go to the gym and take the 9:45am weight-training class called “Body Sculpt”. As my body got more and more fatigued as the hour wore on, my mind wandered. Here’s a brief recap of my thoughts:

“Body Sculpt. Sculpting the body. The body is mere clay. I am a lump of clay. I am definitely lumpy. Why is clay so lumpy? I guess it’s easy to work with. It’s not easy to work with my body. My body seems lumpy no matter how much sculpting I do. Looking around, other bodies are lumpy, too. Even the trainer’s body has lumps. What does it mean to sculpt something? Is perfection the goal? I don’t think a sculptor sits down with the clay and aims for a perfect work of art. In fact, many sculptors say that the work of art speaks to them from within the clay. What is the voice inside of my clay saying? Find me. Free me. Let go of perfection. Simply experience the body in motion. Notice the tension and relaxation as you flex and extend each body part. You are already a work of art. Sculpted by hands far bigger and more important than your own. So, take this moment. Experience it. Feel it. Enjoy it. You are already a work of art.”

Peace, joy, and health,



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