Trending now

Yesterday I logged off of my internet-based email and noticed a list of headlines listed as “trending now”. Rarely does a trending headline interest me. For the most part, what’s “trending now” is gossip or not-yet-confirmed breaking news about celebrities and alleged criminals.

This got me thinking about the statistical term, “trend”. If you’ve ever read a research article, you’ll know that the authors will write about the results of the study in terms of that which was statistically “significant” (only a 5% chance that the results are due to random chance alone) and that which showed a “trend”. Basically, finding a statistical trend means that the results of the study were almost, but not quite, significant.

Trending = not quite significant. Can you see where I’m going with this?

The news that is shouted out to us as important just isn’t. It’s not significant. It’s just a trend. Being among the first (hundred thousand) to know that a celebrity is “preggers” is not big news and will not impact you or the celebrity in the slightest way. Knowing what color X celebrity wore to the gala (and looked horrible in) won’t change the world.

Similarly, the voice of “Ed” (your Eating Disorder or inner critic) is likely trending in your head right now. Ed wants you to take notice of all kinds of trending (aka, “not significant”) news: “Fat people are unsuccessful.” “People who eat candy become failures.” “Those who don’t exercise die young.” Whatever the trending news is, it’s not significant. It certainly seems important when it’s all you hear all day long. But keep in mind that it’s just a trend.

More importantly, trends can change and we have the power to make it so. Consider turning your attention away from the trending news of Ed and towards the less-heard news of your Wise Mind. Your Wise Mind knows and quietly shares the following significant news: “You are human. You are doing the best that you can. You can accept whatever comes your way. You have the capacity to love. You are worthy of love and respect. You have value.” And these aren’t just trending now. These are immutable truths.

So, stop tuning into the trends and start tuning into the truth. The trends are just not significant. The truth is vital.

Peace, joy, and health.



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