Savor the moment

Workouts at my gym seem to provide me with much inspiration for this blog. Today was no exception:

While on the treadmill, the TV screen above me flashed an image of petite Kelly Ripa sneaking a chunk of chocolate out of a bowl on the set of her show while a chef taught her how to make icing for a macaroon. Next was the ad for chocolate milk on the wall of the locker room, arguing that milk was the best post-workout drink. Then there was the personal trainer who kept telling a woman of size that she needed to “step it up because summer’s here”. From the other side of the gym I could hear the Spin Cycle instructor screaming, “Work those glutes! You wanna have a toned beach butt, right?!”

These images and sounds triggered all sorts of negative self-talk that I fought hard to silence: “Your butt’s not toned. Your stomach’s still flabby. It’s getting harder to keep weight off as you get older, so you better workout more often. The scale went up a half pound instead of down. You really should eat less. You’ve got six weeks to lose weight in order to look great for your friends during vacation.” I find it frustrating and unbelievable when I have these moments. So, what did I do? I paused and responded by doing nothing. I didn’t counter my self-talk with positives. I didn’t change my routine. I didn’t start counting my calories or restrict myself from eating a regular sized lunch. I simply tried to savor the moment.

On the 1st of January, I chose the word “savor” as my “word of the year”, in an attempt to begin to slow myself down. I admit that I had almost forgotten about this word until a few weeks ago. Today it popped into my head: savor. How could I savor this moment? Could I simply allow the chaos of my thoughts to exist? Could I savor the frustration and anxiety about my weight and shape? Well, I don’t know if I actually savored it, but I did endure it without acting.

It’s like my recent post, Please Respond With Delay. I paused, I breathed, and I went on with my day. When I got home, I savored the sight, smell, and taste of a homemade salad with all my favorite fixings and enjoyed each bite of the summer fresh strawberries I had picked out at the farmer’s market on Saturday. Savoring the moment is not at all what we’re taught in today’s world. But it’s important. Savoring the moment is healing.

May each of you savor a moment (or two) today and may it bring you health and healing.

Peace, joy, and health,



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