Checking in (not weighing in)

Hi, all!

With my series of posts on mindfulness now complete, I’m wondering what to blog about next. If you have any ideas, please send me an email or comment on this blog.

Today I thought I’d talk about the importance of checking in with yourself whenever you take on a new task, begin a new routine, or cease engaging in a former habit. (In fact, I blog about checking in with oneself quite a lot!)

As you know, on June 26th I blogged about my need to walk away from the scale and stop weighing myself, at least for a time. Things have been pretty great since I made that decision. I’m spending less time worrying about what to eat in order to make the number go down and I’m spending more time mindfully in tune with my body’s needs for nutrition, hydration, play, and rest. Yesterday I went clothing shopping, something I usually loathe to do. I picked out ten things to try on and was realistic and kind to myself whenever I tried on something that didn’t fit or didn’t look good on me. I did hear my critic chiming in with, “Ew! Look at that fat on your stomach and sides!” but I quickly hushed it with my favorite mantra, “I’m healthy, beautiful, and strong. I listen to my body’s needs.” I’ve been using that mantra for about five years now. It has taken a while to sink in, but I honestly believe it to be true now.

So, I can honestly say that not weighing myself has been a good decision. Usually when I go without weighing myself for a while, the voice of ED gets “curious” and I get on the scale again. This time, I’m wondering if I can be done with the scale altogether. After all, as I’ve said many times before, what does the number on the scale have to do with my self-worth?! Nothing!

Here’s an image from the blog “Life is Not a Diet” to help those of you who are struggling to walk away from the scale:

You are so much more than what you weigh. People see YOU, your laugh, your humor, your heart!


Peace, joy, and health!



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