“You look great”

Friday night was fun. It might have been really difficult if it wasn’t for some quick positive thinking from that gentle, loving voice within me (the one that’s in all of us, but which is too often silenced by the voice of “Ed” or the inner critic). If I could write a transcript of my inner thoughts, here’s what they’d show:

Gentle voice: It’s so nice to be mingling with strangers and feeling comfortable for a change.

Ed (eating disorder): Yeah, it’s great, but don’t stand too close to the food table or you’ll be tempted to eat.

Gentle voice: It’s okay to eat something. Just check in with yourself first.

Person I haven’t seen in a while: Hi, Megan! How are you? You look great!

Ed: By “great” she probably means “fat”.

Gentle voice: That’s ridiculous. No one would pay you a compliment if they don’t mean it.

Ed: Of course they do. Besides, how could you look “great” when you probably weigh more now than the last time you saw her?

Gentle voice: You don’t know that. You haven’t weighed yourself for several months.

Ed: Well, your pants are a size bigger since last time, so you can’t possibly look great. Besides, “great” means “healthy” and “healthy” means “fat” or at least “fatter than most people”.

Gentle voice: Ignore that voice. You are healthy, beautiful, and strong. You know that. You believe it.

Me to person I haven’t seen in a while: Thank you! I feel healthy and happy.

Person I haven’t seen in a while: That’s so cool. You seem like you’ve found some inner peace.

Me: I certainly have.

Ed: stunned silence


I like to write out my inner thoughts because it shows me how far I’ve come in cultivating an automatic gentle voice and it helps me see how strong and helpful that voice is.

What could you do this week to tune in more closely to your gentle inner voice?Writing down your thoughts and practicing talking back to that inner critic may be a good start.

Peace, joy, and health.



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