Living in the Present with the Past

This afternoon I read a post from a wonderful blog written and promoted by the Association for Size Diversity and Health. You can read the full post here: On Origin Stories. But, the quote that stands out to me is from the final paragraph of the piece. Author Jenny Copeland writes, “The past, whether good or bad, is something to be honored. It is easy to fall into regrets for what went wrong. But regret distracts us from the present moment, and keeps us from being grateful for how adversity has shaped us. Our stories, our biases, are a necessary component of life. What is important is what we do with them.”

Ahhh…living in the present with the past…not something I have done easily. I have many regrets about decisions I made in the distant and recent past. In fact, daily regret about what and how much I ate was a constant part of the binge cycle that enslaved me for so many years. But, one important tool I learned during recovery from disordered eating was the tool of self-forgiveness, practiced most often through mindful, non-judgmental awareness of what is right before me. The woman I am today would not exist without the (minor and major) regrettable decisions I made in the past. So, as Jenny Copeland reminds me, I have an opportunity to be grateful for how those decisions have shaped me. Those decisions, just like every positive and healthy step I have taken, are a part of my life story; removing them from the equation would result in an entirely different me. And, frankly, I like the me that exists today.

So, here’s to our “origin stories” and the ability to be grateful for the myriad experiences and decisions that have shaped us thus far and will continue to shape us.

Peace, joy, and health,



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