Finding Balance

I know I’ve written many times about finding balance in recovery, but today I was reminded of the need for balance and thought that it might be helpful for me (and others) to check in about balance.

When I was in recovery from Binge-Eating Disorder, my therapist suggested I keep a “balance inventory”, in which I tracked my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Every day I would write down how I had tended to each of those areas. Since doing that exercise, I’ve added a category for social health, as well. If you have an interest in keeping a balance inventory, use whatever categories work for you.

Today, my first day back at work after our university’s winter break, I found myself feeling productive and happy. However, I know myself. Day One starts out great. Day Two, I start wanting to prove myself. I start trying to be Superwoman, striving to be the most organized, efficient, compassionate, hardest worker in the unit. That usually leaves me (by Day 100) feeling burned out, resentful, and exhausted. So, I wanted to remind myself today that I do not need to be Superwoman. I can maintain a healthy balance between my clinical and administrative responsibilities. I can also balance my professional and personal lives.

Long story short, there’s always room for improved balance in life. Check in with yourself today. Is your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social health in balance? Are your professional and personal lives in balance? If not, try to start with one small change to restore some balance. For me, balance restores inner peace and inner peace promotes wellness. When I’m well, I don’t think about bingeing, restricting, or obsessing about my weight and shape.

So, here’s to finding (or restoring) balance!

Peace, joy, and health!



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