Values Check

This morning I’ve got several things on my mind, but one that I can’t seem to shake is the question, “What do I value most in life?” In my work as a counselor, I often ask my clients to consider their values and take time to reflect on whether or not they are living in accordance with those values. It’s often a more difficult task than it seems. We all know the word, “value”, but can’t often name our values. A quick internet search for a “Values Checklist” revealed a decent list that might help you. Click here for the Values Checklist.

Some of the items on that list that I am drawn to are Affection, Inner Harmony, Creativity, and Helping Other People. There are many others, but if I had to live my life by just these, I think I’d be doing okay. So then, the questions I ask myself are: Am I living my life in accordance with these values? Am I giving (and being open to receiving) affection? Am I cultivating inner harmony? Am I using my gift for creativity in a way that benefits myself and others? Am I helping other people each and every day?

Checking in with myself about these things, I’d probably grade myself as follows:

Affection: B+ (There’s always room for me to give more and show my appreciation more)

Inner Harmony: B- (I’m getting better as I get back into the self-care routine that I abandoned a few weeks ago)

Creativity: A- (I’m doing what I can to boldly express myself through blogging, painting, poetry, and music)

Helping Other People: A (I do this for my profession, but do pretty well with this in my personal life, too.)

So, not a terrible report card, to say the least! Perhaps it would be helpful for you to check in with yourself and determine if you’re living your life in accordance with your values. If not, what can you do to get back to those “basics”?

Peace, joy, and health.



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