Ultimate Makeover

Okay, don’t get excited or concerned by my title: “Ultimate Makeover”. No, I am not redoing my whole life, dyeing my hair, putting on makeup (which would be a huge change since I don’t wear any!), or even changing my outfit. No, the makeover I’m talking about is my healthy decision to change the way I think.

I am going to make a conscious effort to more actively challenge my negative self-talk. Whenever a negative thought pops into my head, I plan to either immediately counter it with a positive one or write down the negative one until I have a moment to come up with a counter-thought. Lately, my body self-talk has consisted of phrases like, “You should lose more weight”, “You’re getting soft and pudgy again”, “You need to eat less”, “You need to exercise more”, or (more harsh) “You’re fat”. I have tolerated these thoughts floating around in my consciousness and even fought them off with my standard counter-thoughts: “I am healthy, beautiful, and strong. I listen to my body’s needs.” But then the same nasty voice chimes in with, “Not really. You’ve eaten more than you need to lately. And you pushed yourself to exercise when your back was hurting. So, you really aren’t paying attention to your body’s needs.” And that’s that. I just let the negative voice win. But, no more!

Time for a makeover of my thoughts. I will win this battle. No matter how negative that part of me gets, I’ll keep countering until it quiets down and my gentle, loving self wins. I think tonight I’ll read through some of my “Dear Megan” journal entries — letters to myself that I’ve been writing a few times a week for over six months. There are a lot of loving thoughts in there that I could use a reminder of.

A friend of mine recently said, “You are loved…by very many people.” I think I’ll keep that in mind as I begin this positive thinking makeover.

Peace, joy, and positive thoughts,



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